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Metric Adapter for UNIMAT Lathes & Mills

Please read the safety notes before using any accessories:
[ Safety Booklet ]-PDF
[ Safety ]-HTML
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UNIMAT Tools - never seen before!
We combine shipping. Contact us for packages.
Most items are in stock. However, if you like check for availability. [ contact ]
Adjustable Tailstock Center (UNIMAT SL DB) - never seen before

Cutting taper in longer and/or larger diameter stock without a center is dangerous and basically impossible. This adjustable tailstock center compensates for the offset when cutting taper by rotating the headstock. One can also cut long taper by off-setting the tailstock. (The package includes one T-slot plate and adapters for both UNIMAT and Sherline lathes)
[ Manual /UNIMAT ]-PDF [ Manual /Sherline]-PDF
All steel design.
Add live center to the tool for +$30
Add a tilt pin to the design for +$20
Add ballend pins to the tool for +$5/piece
[ contact ]
Adjustable Tailstock Holder
Sherline $59
Package $65
(Shipps priority mail for +$5)
Morse Taper Cutter for UNIMAT
[ Sherline Version ] [ Unimat Version ]
Machine your own Morse taper / arbor gizzmos easily. We are not kidding: easily.

[ Mechanical protractor ] - UNIMAT

[ LASER Protractor ] - UNIMAT

Dead Center Set (screw-on M12-1.0) steel
One short screw-on dead center.
And one extended length dead center (screw-on) which allows one to reach over the cross-slide.
Steel: C1016 (you may not want to cut that steel on an UNIMAT ...)
Steel $22
+ $4 (shipping)
Dead Center (screw-on M12-1.0) steel with three tool steel pins
Steel: C1016 & A2 tool steel pins (you may not want to cut these steels on an UNIMAT ...) Affordable alternative to a live center.
Steel $22
+ $4 (shipping)
Dead Center Set (pins) tool steel

 Tool Steel $9.99
+ $4 (shipping)

(in stock)

Miniature lathe live center - never seen before

[ Manual ]-PDF Fits MT0 tailstock (Sherline, Craftsman, rebuild UNIMAT, etc.)

Made to order.
Steel $38.99
+ $4 (shipping)
[ contact ]
Morse #0 tailstock spindle/quill for UNIMAT SL DB, stainless steel - never seen before
Instead of using difficult to find M12 accessories you can now use standard Morse type tailstock accessories. For example, nearly all of Sherline's MT0 tailstock accessories can now be used on an UNIMAT (LatheCity also offers some). The UNIMAT tailstock spindle is simply replaced by a Morse #0 spindle which takes 5 min. The front end still has M12-1.0 as usual. Use your old feed screw, M8-1.0 LH. Avoiding misunderstandings read the manual before ordering: [ Manual ]-PDF
The version we currently sell has no ring, but is cut directly from 12 mm tool steel. Questions? [ contact ]
Steel $40
+ $5
Usually in stock.

(in stock)
Morse #0 headstock spindle for UNIMAT SL DB, stainless steel - never seen before

Steel $48
+ $5 (shipping)

[ contact ]
Usually in stock.

UNIMAT Morse #0 Spindle package

Includes: MT0 tailstock spindle, MT0 headstock spindle, MT0-MT0 buddy bar (alignment bar), MT0 to UNIMAT pin arbor adapter, machinable end MT0

Steel $95
+ $5 (shipping)

[ contact ]
Usually in stock.
Morse #0 taper to 7.2 mm UNIMAT SL DB arbor, steel
Adapter fits in a reduced lenght Morse #0 arbor (e.g. Sherline tailstock) and will hold standard pin end type UNIMAT accessories.

Steel $20
+ $4 (shipping)

Usually in stock.

UNIMAT Buddy Bars UNIMAT SL DB, steel / tool steel (standard version)
What are buddy bars? [ manual ]-PDF

Steel $16
+ $4 (shipping)

(in stock)

UNIMAT Morse #0 Buddy Bar UNIMAT SL DB - MT0 to MT0
What are buddy bars? [ manual ]-PDF
This version is for our Morse type UNIMAT spindles, NOT for original UNIMAT. MT0 to MT0 taper

Shipping Options

Steel $20
+ $4 (shipping)

Usually in stock.

M12-1.0 nut

That size is hard to find and it is used on the end of the UNIMAT spindle.
Shipping Options

Steel $2
+ $2 (shipping)

Usually in stock.

Specialty Adapters

Morse #1 to M12-1.0 (steel) - Sherline spindle to UNIMAT M12 spindle

$35 + $4 (shipping)


3/8"-24 bolt end to M12-1.0 bushings (UNIMAT to Jacobs chuck adapter) [ Manual ]
Mount standard size Jacobs drill chucks in an UNIMAT tailstock. [ custom designs ]

Other sizes can be made, including 3/4-10, 1/2-20, 3/8-24, M12-1.0, M14-1.0 etc.

Aluminum $18
Steel $25

+ $4 (shipping)
Usually in stock.

UNIMAT M12-1.0 chuck to Sherline Tailstock (steel)
Use a less expensive UNIMAT chuck on Sherlines tailstock. The steel piece comes with a glue on protractor (angle)
scale that can be glued on the backside of a lathe chuck. That system forms a
low budget indexing tool
for e.g. precisely and fast boring of holes at different angles using e.g. the lathe-mill attachment. The adapter can
also be used for tailstock drilling (see safety notes in the manual).

$20 + $4 (shipping)


UNIMAT M14-1 chuck to Sherline Tailstock (steel)


$22 + $4 (shipping)



MT2 machinable end tapers: M12-1.0 or M14-1.0 to Morse #2 taper
Use your UNIMAT accessories on a "China" lathe.
MT3 (Morse taper #3) also available. [ China lathe accessories ]

Made to order.
[ contact ]

[ custom designs ]
Machinable blank adapters (aluminum / leadloy) - M12-1.0 / M14-1.0 caps/bushings - round

Machine your own true-running screw-on tool holders. How?Tips-&-Tricks (PDF)
Specify the size [ drawing E-mail] or use standard size and standard price.

Thread size

$4 (shipping)

Typically made to order.

Machinable blank adapters (leadloy) - M12-1.0 / M14-1.0 caps/bushings - hex rod

Machine your own true-running screw-on tool holders. How?-Tips-&-Tricks (PDF)
Thread size
$4.99+$4 (shipping)

Coupling bushings (steel)

Coupling bushings: Sherline (3/4"-16) to UNIMAT (M12-1.0)

female adapter, bushings, tubing with internal threads

$20 + $4 (shipping)

[ Books for Hobby Machinists ]

Lathe / Mill

We generally at least match prices from all U.S. manufacturers. Thus, it may be good contacting us - asking is free.

Custom sizes.

If you don't find here what you are looking for contact us. There is a good chance that we can make it for you at an OK price. [ custom designs ]
-) M14-1.0 available on request typically same price as for M12-1.0 pieces.
-) We fix-up your old UNIMAT lathe. contact

  • If you want to order more than one item, the shopping cart software is very inflexible in regard of shipping cost calculations. Contact us and we will figure the shipping costs directly. [ Contact ]
  • US standard shipping: in the meanwhile we ship most adapters in small flat rate boxes (priority mail), the pieces don't fit in an envelop and 1st class shipping of small boxes costs about the same, your shipping costs are a conservative estimate
  • International shipping: contact us before pushing any buttons. Shipping rates are US rates.
  • We keep pieces in stock. However, if we are out of stock it may take a week before the parts ship out. If this is a problem sent us an e-mail in advance & we speed things up.
  • Most of our UNIMAT accessories have M12-1.0 thread, but M14-1.0 can be made on request. [ contact ]
    No wait for an auction: typically instant shipment - factory direct.

Disclaimer: None of the statements or procedures may coincide with Sherline’s Inc. or UNIMAT opinions or interests. Neither LatheCity coworkers nor LatheCity’s owner are employees of/or agents for any of the vendors referenced in the text and they do not sell or represent any of the third party products discussed.